Monday, December 13, 2010

Between giving hope and saying the truth

A quote that is taken from a man of a TV show. Well, you might asking why I pop this quote as a special in this post.

Which one do you prefer?
You were in a situation that you were really dependent to someone. You couldn't make any decision or did something without someone's authority and/or at least you can do nothing until that person say something. Then, you would only wait and trusted of what he/she was saying or even promising to you. You could only hold onto it. Few times later, that person came to you and said "I am sorry I cannot. I have something to do actually, so sorry. Please understand." (what the hell, why don't you tell earlier??!!!)

This was the story that was happened to that man on the TV show. His name was William btw. This William man got caught by the police-of-somewhere-in-the-US because of his act bumped a toll gate. Then, he was brought to the police station to be interrogated. He didn't say anything to the police about why was he doing that. He only said that he needed to see the FBI. The police got confused. The day after, he finally met the FBI. Be interrogated blah blah why blah blah. The answer was just only "I did that because it was the only way to be able to meet the FBI." The FBI wondered why he said that. "Okay, we have to know why you're saying that?" "No, i cannot tell you." "Then how we're gonna solve the problem." "I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN'T TRUST YOU OR NOT. I WILL ONLY SAY THIS IF I'M SURE YOU CAN BE TRUSTED!"...... "You can have my words, son.." The FBI convinced.
He continued his story, "My sister is missing for like months. I've been reported her missing to the police. They said they will look for her, but they did nothing." "They kept saying to be okay, they will find my sister. But they were just giving me a hope!". William was so frustrated that he couldn't find his sister and didn't know whether she was still alive or not. There were a lot of people missing there. "Okay, tell us the details. We have to know all about your sister.."
..................... (time passed by)
The FBI got the information about William's sister. "William, blah blah blah.. I am not sure yet but lets pray that you're sister is still alive." Frustrated William then said, "Just tell me if she dies already, don't make me hope. Please, just give me the bad news."
"Bad news only stops us for a moment. And the we move on, continue our lives. But hope, paralyze it." .......

This sample is maybe an extreme case. But let us look to our daily lives. Simply like, when you need to go to some places to buy something, you ask your friend to accompany you and then she say "Yes sure! Why don't we wait for Shoyu to join us too?", "Okay, that will be a good idea.."
18.00.. Shoyu came home. "Hi, do you want to join us? I got some stuffs to buy." "Oh, i'm sorry i'm kinda tired." "Well, that's okay then.."
Meanwhile, that friend you asked first to go with had a little chat with others that time. Minutes later, she came to you and said "i'm sorry i can't go. i was actually waiting for something since this morning and they just come right now.. I can't leave them.."
How do you feel?? It is totally suck. I mean, she can say that she was waiting for something which she doesn't know when it will be done in the time you asked her to go. And then you can go by yourself. There would be no problem. The point is, how do you feel when you were being disappointed by our friend? It's paralyzing, isn't it? Don't just find another reason like asking someone else to join while she herself had another thing.

I really can't stand obscurity. Just give me the truth, and then everything will be on track. I am not a kid who will be pleasured if you give me false hope to make me happy for a while. Seriously, don't play with me.

William and the FBI finally found stuffs of the sister. Yes, she was dead.
*the story got a few additions and changes of words by me.


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