Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another love.


You'll regret if you never try this one.
Mini cakes. Various tastes. Rare cheese, green tea, almond, and chocolate.
Rare cheese always serve the best!!
When you talk about rare, it is "rare". Rare as like you can't find it easily, then it makes the thing valuable, precious. And yes, it tastes absolute, honey.

Wait! don't wink. There's another baby.

Japanese famous one. Custard pudding.
Does anyone ever watch Japanese Dorama "My Boss My Hero"? This thing is that exactly is. Sweet, delicate, a bit bitter. hmm, heaven.
But Eaton's pudding still is the champion.

Come and try! It is waaaayy recommended.
Only available at Senayan City LG Floor, in front of the escalator near Burger King.


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